Isolation Valves

A isolation valve is a valve in a liquid / air system that stops or restricts the flow of the liquid / air to a particular. this is usually for maintenance or safety purposes. 

Hydraulic Control Valves

A Hydraulic valve can serve many functions and they come in many sizes and can have several different specifications. They can be adapted to suit the fire, irrigation or water works industry. They can typically be subdivided into 3 different catagories 

Ball Valves

A ball valve is a shit off valve that is able to control the flow of a liquid or gas by means of a rotary ball that will open and close by rotating a quater turn (90 degrees).

Equilibrium Float Valves

This is a mechanical float valve is used to automatically control the level in tanks and reservoirs. This is particularly suited for level control in gravity mains of short and moderate lengths


A fire hydrant is the fastest and most efficient way to supply water in the event of a fire outbreak. There are many different fittings and connections that will be able to connect directly to a fire truck or fire hose

Non Return Valves

A non return valve ensures the flow of either water / air in only one direction and is fitted to ensure that the direction of flow only happens in the right direction. 


A strainer is fitted into a water / air line to ensure that debris does not flow through the entire system, but rather gets sifted out to be extracted at a later stage

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