A valve can be used to regulate, direct or control the flow of a liquid or a gas. This can be done by, opening, closing or partially obstructing the passageways. 


Pipe couplings and fittings are used to join pipes in both wet and dry systems. They offer some flexibility in terms of movement and deflection of the piping system. They can also accommodate misalignment, distortion, thermal stress and vibration. Our grooved coupling are all FM certified and UL llisted.  

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Pipes are an integral part to every delivery system. Quality piping will ensure a flawless delivery first time, every time.


Flanges are one of the most common ways to connect 2 lengths of pipe. Depending on the working pressure of the pipe, a different specification of flange can be supplied. 

Hardware and accessories

Our large range of hardware and installation accessories will meet your every need. We strive to offer the best affordable tools and accessories to make your install go smoothly

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