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flange chart

Flanges are one of the most common ways to connect 2 lengths of pipe. Depending on the working pressure of the pipe, a different spec of flange can be supplied. 

bolt length chart

There are many different combinations that are presented for a particular size bolt and flange. These variations will dictate the bolt length, grade and finish. 

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Anti corrosion tape charts

Anti Corrosion tape is the first layer of protection for a pipe that is going to be buried. Having the correct amount of tape for your size pipe is essential to wrap it correctly. 

pvc outer wrap chart

This is the layer in direct contact with the elements. the second and final layer of protection for your pipework. We have an easy way for you to work out how many rolls you will need. 

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Water pipe chart

Pipes are an integral part to every delivery system. Quality piping will ensure a flawless delivery first time, every time.

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